"Almost ready to file" Renewal of Patents in CH in 3 steps

(our Agency Fee CHF 50.00 at most)

Renewal fees (Official Fees)
For the 4th year after filing the application
CHF 100
For each subsequent year, the annual fee increases by CHF 50 (CHF 150 for the 5th year, CHF 200 for the 6th year, etc. up to CHF 900 for the 20th year after filing the application).    
Supplementary fee for the late payment of an annual fee CHF 50

  • Step 1
1) Kindly download the Power of Attorney , then duly fill-in entirerly and please must be signed by the Applicant (s).

2) Please prepare any other Enclosure(s) if any

3) Kindly click to Next Step button to proceed.

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